I purchased the Cavi-Lipo facial treatment series.  Lori told me not to expect to see anything at all after the first few treatments and that many people actually see the results 1-2 months after the treatments are finished.  I have to say that when I got off the bike (30 min required after the treatment to get the fat into the lymph nodes) I could actually see results right then!!!.I said, AM I CRAZY? OR DO YOU SEE IT TOO? She agreed and then said that she didn't want to say anything and would rather the client see's it on their own. well, I definitely did.  I am very happy with my results and will go back and do other areas of my body!

Thank you!!!

Elizabeth Stroth

​Oakland,  Ca

5.0 star rating

I am having great results with Cavitation  (Ultrasound Lipo) at Metamorphosis in Alameda.  I have thought about liposuction or tummy tuck for several years, but after consulting with two plastic surgeons, I just couldn't go through with surgery.   I "jumped at it" when I heard about Cavi Lipo, done by Lori Olson at Metamorphoses in Alameda.  I did research on the internet about the process, and it has been used in Europe since 2005.  I am over 60, 10 pounds overweight and carrying fat in my tummy  and hips.   I began to notice a flattening in the tummy with the third session.  Results are gradual and not dramatic so as to draw attention.  I am following Lori's prescription exactly: no alcohol the day before, and day of procedure; drink lots of water the day of; do one half hour of cardio exercise after the procedure, and eat  a healthy diet which includes green vegetables and fruit, cut back on the carbs and sugar.   
Lori is intelligent, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to.  
Here is how it works, From Wikipedia:" Ultrasound waves are transmitted with an ultrasound probe into the fat layer of the skin, stimulating lipolysis of fat cells. This causes triglycerides to be released from fat cells. These fats are then expelled from the body naturally. Less fats in the body results in visible inch loss at the treated area."
This is non invasive: there is no incision, no pain, and no recovery time.  Sessions are from 20 to 40 minutes, depending upon your purchased "package."  During the procedure you will hear a mild internal buzzing in your ears from the machine.
Like lipo, Cavi does not eliminate extra skin, and it takes quite a few sessions because it is a gradual destruction of layers of fat cells.
Be sure to do your own research to know if this is right for you.    I am not done yet, but so far, very pleased with my flatter tummy, and will be working on my saddlebags next!  Not cheap, but much cheaper than surgery.

8/27/2015 I love CAVI-LiPO!!! I don't want to reveal my name because I live in Alameda and kept this a little beauty secret. My husband just thought that my workouts were really working…. well, I had a little help! my tummy is a lot smaller, flatter and firmer! I did not see a huge result on my saddle bags but Lori had already  told me upfront that the saddle bag area is harder and a more resistant fat  and would take a lot more treatments so we just did other areas that bothered me with the Whole Body program.  She also extended the time on the whole body program so I can use the remaining ones over time to maintain.  I am going to take a break for a while but will probably come back next spring to finish up.

I'll miss my treatments, they are really relaxing!